Welcome to Blind Beggar Miniatures

Welcome to Blind Beggar Miniatures
One of the latest offerings:Lady Baxterville and her 'Family'

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Update March 27th 2015

There are a few new things now available.
These include the City Gents, Cowboys, Nurses and now Armed Housewives and another Survivor Family .....the newer stuff will appear at the bottom of the list of stuff.

Scroll down for more details and pictures.

If you want any just send me an email at blindbeggarminiatures@googlemail.com.

First up are Lady Baxterville and her 'Family'

The good Lady is usually accompanied by her two Afghan Hounds Archie and Oscar, her daughter Betty and her Manservant Finners.

£7.99 for the pack of five.

Next up are the Deep One Hybrids.

Giles, Big Slim Jim, Bug-eyed Nick, Seasick Stephen and Blind Dick.

£7.99 for the pack of five

The Dark Clergy.

The sinister Evil Hybrid Priest and his two accompanying Nuns...

£6.99 for the three

Next, The Hooded Ones...

£6.99 for a pack of three.

The Thomas Family

Tommy, his wife Hild and daughters Billie and Lil' Suzie

Pack of four figures for £6.99

Captain Mancave....£2.99 each

Wagon Drivers
Perfect for the Old West and other late nineteenth century settings.

Set A (includes.Prospector, Mexican, Large Gent, Lady and 'Shotgun' Rider.)
£7.99 for five unpainted figures

Set B (Includes..Snake Oil Salesman, The Kids, Mum, Dad with Banjo and Undertaker.)
£7.99 for five unpainted figures

And my original set of Cultists.
Suitable for Cultists, Bushwackers, Robbers and masked ne'er do wells of all descriptions.

£18 for the whole Cult (Currently Out of Stock)

Now available.....

Armed City Gents, Cowboys, Victorian Thugs, Nurses and Doctor, Pinkertons and more......

The City Gents......£14.99 for a squad of ten.

The Doctor and Nurses.......£6.99 for all four.

Captain Ahab and his Crew......£7.99 for the five.

The Cowboys......£7.99 for five Cowboys.

The Yeti Hunters.....£6.99 for four.

And The Armed Housewives......£15.99 for a squad of ten ladies with attitude..

Another Survivor family is also available ...

This time it is the Dickes Family that are striving to survive....£6.99 for all four humans plus the hound.